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As a prosperity consultant, I specialize in the holistic aspects of life, i.e. health, prosperity, relationships and education: This is the “Life Luxury” approach. I invite you to join me on a transformative journey that encompasses all these important areas. Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of this holistic approach and achieving a life of luxury?

Team-Aufbau Leader

Networking has incredible potential. Nevertheless, only a few people achieve substantial financial and emotional success from their networks. Together with my dedicated team, I am committed to balancing investing and networking. Discover a range of invaluable insights and advice such as my “Cannot Lose Money Plan” on my blog, Instagram and other social media profiles.


I specialize in team building, Enneagram and my renowned Life Luxury CookBook. In 2018 I completed training as an applied quantum cyberneticist with a focus on manifestation. Book a professional consultation or workshop. Get the Life Luxury Check now for free and stay informed.


More money makes life easier. You can use it to do more of what you really want in all areas of life.


Daily training for body and mind for better fitness. So that you can enjoy prosperity for a really long time.


When you have more time & money for your loved ones, life becomes much more enjoyable.


Money education, mental training and clarity of mind lead to more freedom when making decisions.

Get your Life Luxury Check and discover what you really want to achieve in life. Make an appointment with me now, discuss your results and subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date. I look forward to seeing you!

In 1997, I founded my first IT company, where I also ran training courses. In the years that followed, I organized further training courses on the side, such as driving safety training for motorcyclists on the racetrack.

I have been working with financial products since 2015, and this became a focus project from 2017. I am interested in the progress of humanity in the areas of technology, economics, money and awareness raising. To this end, I completed training as a quantum cyberneticist with a focus on manifestation in 2018. In July 2019, I married my dream woman Ulrike and together we strive for happiness.

You can read about how this all works together and why it’s good for you in my BLOG.

Dubai 2021 Mike und Ulrike

Career with Mike

I am looking for special people who want to learn and apply more about money together with me and pass on this knowledge. If this interests you, we need to make an appointment via Zoom to get to know each other!


You want to learn why leaving your comfort zone is important to become successful


You benefit from fast action & quick implementation


You are looking for a great team community to become successful together with ease

Customer testimonials


How Mike Monnerie’s coaching has changed my life is sensational. My gratitude can no longer be described in words!

Mag. Jördis Winkelmann

Coach & Fitnesstrainer, MJ Coaching


Getting to know Mike Monnerie has fundamentally changed my life.
He showed me how to get out of my comfort zone (doing the same work every day in a seemingly secure job) and achieve success with ease. Working with him is a real pleasure. Mike has completely changed my outlook on life for the better in a short space of time.

Peter Mödl

Photographer & Insurance Agent


For me, Mike Monnerie is a prime example of a successful symbiosis of two worlds: on the one hand, he is a brilliant networker who knows how to connect people because he has the “big picture” in mind. On the other hand, he is extremely detail-oriented, which is an immense advantage for clients and teams, especially in our financial coaching sector.
I consider myself lucky to have Mike Monnerie at my side as a team partner and friend.

Andreas Androsch

Consultant & Insurance Agent, ACCT Consulting

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The best way to reach me is via Telegram. But messages don’t ring my phone. I read them when I have time. If it’s urgent, please call.

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